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Project List

All key work displayed on this site was sculpted by me either as hands-on team supervisor/art director or as a solo effort.

Where a finished, artworked or on set image is shown, it indicates I either closely worked with art-finishers or artworked the piece myself-and to some degree was involved with shooting...

To all the other artists and companies who were  also involved in the creation of these images (mouldmakers, animatronics, fabricators etc) I extend a huge thank you!

FILM PROJECTS                               

Labyrinth - Sculptor

Dreamchild - Sculptor

The Bear - Sculptor

Little Shop of Horrors - Sculptor

The Witches - Prosthetics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Art Finisher

Link - Sculptor/Art Finisher

The Red Crow - Designer/Sculptor

Warlock 2 - Sculptor

Alien 3 - Sculptor

Dragonheart (test) - Designer/Sculptor

Babe (test) - Sculptor

The Flintstones - Sculptor

Zoo Family - Sculptor

The Neverending Story 3 - Designer/Supervisor for JHCS

The Fifth Element - Key Sculptor

Mortal Kombat Annihilation - H.O.D. Prosthetics

Star Wars-The Phantom Menace - Key Sculptor

Dragonheart 2 - Transformation FX Supervisor

The Flintstones 2 /Viva Rock Vegas- Creative Supervisor for JHCS

The Mummy - Live Action Mummy Designer

The Mummy Returns - Live Action Creature FX Supervisor

Harry Potter-The Philosopher's Stone - Key A/Model Designer

Harry Potter-The Chamber of Secrets - Key A/Model Designer

Harry Potter-The Prisoner of Azkaban - Supervising A/Model Designer

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Special Makeup FX

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Supervising Sculptor

Minotaur - Designer and Project Leader

The Nutcracker - Sculpture Supervisor & Prosthetics

Hellboy 2-The Golden Army - Sculpture Supervisor/Lead Technician

Clash of the Titans - Sculptor

Wrath of the Titans - Senior Sculptor

Jupiter Ascending - Prosthetic Sculptor

The Titan - Prosthetic Effects Designer

Slaughterhouse Rulez - Lead Sculptor

Thor 2 - Costume Armour Sculptor

Mad Max Fury Road (UK phase) 

The Hallow - Lead Creature Sculptor

Maleficent 2 - Props Modeller

Tales of the Creeping Death - Prosthetics/Creature FX

Snow White (2025) - Props Modeller

Ant-Man 3 - Props Modeller

The Little Mermaid (2023) - Greens Sculptor


Doctor Who

Red Dwarf

Game of Thrones

The Storyteller

Space Precinct


Being Human


Wizards vs Aliens

A Discovery of Witches

Loch Ness-The Ultimate Experiment

T. Rex Autopsy

Call the Midwife 


Spy in the Wild


Rings of Power (Series 2)             


The Palace of the Lost City (RSA)-Directing Sculptor

Atlantis (UAE)-Supervising Sculptor

Egyptian Zone (Lahore)-Supervising Sculptor

Imperial War Museum

Museum of the Moving Image

Cherry Moons


Sicilian Carousel (Sicily)

Dungeon Keeper (Computer Conference)

Spectrum Computer Conference

Dr Dolittle West End Show (Supervising Sculptor)

Peter Pan (Sydney) Supervising Sculptor

Billy Ocean Video-"Lover Boy"

Pink Floyd Album Cover-"The Division Bell)

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