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I graduated from Nottingham (Trent) University in 1983 with a B.A (Hons) Degree in 3D Design (Theatre).

My first professional engagement was on the Jim Henson fantasy film "Labyrinth", and for more than three decades I have contributed to numerous movie, television, theatre, themed environments and special projects as sculptor, hands-on art director and creature effects designer.

For more images of my work find The Gary Pollard Archives on Facebook. For any details and clarification of my work on this site, contact me at


The Jim Henson Organisation, /MillenniumFX/

John Nolan and Corin Hardy/ Nick Dudman/ Crawley Creatures/ Amusement Whitewater/ Animated Extras/ BGFX/ Conor O'Sullivan/ ADI etc etc for the cool commissions!

LEGAL NOTICE...all images are copyright and not for reproduction elsewhere. These images are employed here in the spirit of keeping an

online portfolio for Gary Pollard.

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