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Doctor Who -

I have contributed a number of sculptures to Doctor Who over the years; Zygons, Mummies and Dreamcrabs. In 2017, MillenniumFX engaged me as the Lead Artist supervising the creatures for Series 10. Designing for this series, working with a great team of freelancers and staff, and involved in art finishing, modelmaking and hands-on art directing, resulted in a body of work of which I am extremely proud. Definately a career high...

Doctor Who monsters are produced by MillenniumFX.

T-Rex Autopsy - 

I was engaged by Crawley Creatures in 2015 to art supervise the creation of a full size Tyrannosaurus for practical dissection. This was extremely interesting as every part of it's anatomy had to be signed off by eminent scientists. I also went on to be part of the shooting crew as well as sculpting and artworking. Highly educational and a buzz proposing the size of internal organs, nature of lips, skin, muscle mass etc for debate by the experts...

Big thanks to Jez Harris and the T. Rex team, and the excellent presenters.

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